Explainable Data Quality using LLMs.
Fully automated.

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Are you struggling with inaccurate and unreliable data?

We know how you feel, that's why we built Anode!

Your automated data quality copilot!

Powered by GPT-4 and modern AI tech, Anode is a data quality tool which detects and explains anomalies and issues in data automatically.

Don't let poor data quality hinder your business performance any longer.

Key Benefits of Anode

Our USP - AI Insights and factual anomaly detection

How cool would it be if automated data anomaly tools gave you a reason as to why they consider a particular column as an anomaly.

Now you don't have to guess.

Anode provides you the reason as to why a particular row was marked as an anomaly in easy-to-understand language.

Not only this, Anode can detect issues in facts. For example, if the birth date of a famous personality is incorrect.

You can point it to your business data and let it train on facts about your business.

An image showcasing Anode's USP - Explainable data quality along with factual data

Anode Data Health Dashboard

An image showcasing Anode's Feature - Data Health Dashboard

Anode shows you how healthy your data is. The AI engine assigns a score called Anode Score, between 0 and 1, to each row and determines what rows look more anomalous than others.

You can see the overall health at a quick glance and dive in further to see more details.

Also detects 6 classes of issues

It also detects 6 classes of issues commonly seen in data transformation pipelines and AI workloads, ranging from missing values to data that doesn't conform to the meaning of the column, allowing you to gain insights into your data faster and more efficiently.

An image showcasing an overview of the different classes of data quality issues that Anode captures.

Easy options to access

Anode is available standalone as well as as a Snowflake Native App.

Custom deployment options are possible.

Talk to us!

Snowflake logo indicating that Anode is available as a Snowflake native application as well.

What are you waiting for?

Data quality issues can have a significant impact on business operations, decision-making, and overall performance.

We understand these challenges and have developed Anode to help businesses overcome data quality hurdles effectively.

Get Anode. Your AI and data management teams will love it.